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Escape Velocity

M33 Growth partners with ambitious bootstrapped entrepreneurs by providing both capital and resources to accelerate growth and develop their already-great businesses into market leaders.

  • It can be lonely at the top Join our ecosystem of current and former executives
  • Take some chips off the table You’ve invested in yourself and your company for years. Partially de-risk for a rainy day while continuing to share in the upside
  • #7 We intentionally build concentrated portfolios so that each company is not a small fish in a big pond. Company #7 matters to us

“Our name mirrors our approach”
- M33 Co-founders

Mach 33 (noun): The speed at which an object reaches escape velocity and breaks out of the gravitational pull of the Earth.


Our world revolves around our portfolio companies

And they're so great that they deserve some of your attention too


We’re searching for the next great founder to partner with

We’d love for it to be you. Check out our investment criteria to find out if we're a good fit.

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At the heart of any great firm is its people

And we could not be prouder of ours.