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Sales Execution Bootcamp



One of our new sales leaders was looking to rapidly scale his team, but wanted to first establish a common vocabulary and set of repeatable steps for the team to leverage in its process.


A 2-day sales training bootcamp for the sales team to hone their craft … but most importantly a game plan for ongoing coaching and training for the team.

The bootcamp is book-ended by a pre-session capabilities assessment (reveals areas of strength and blindspot to help aid coaching) and skills reinforcement sessions after to ensure the new techniques learned become habit. **It is worth calling out, we are firm believers in ensuring follow ups after bootcamp type training. We have seen many instances where the team leaves a couple days fired up, only to have things atrophy and ultimately revert to their old ways months later (my golf swing is a great example of this…)


Sales is never an easy job – and can be made more difficult by a lack of common vocabulary and standard processes within a sales team. Most top sales reps are constantly looking to improve and seek company cultures that enable that development (and ultimately, help them exceed quota!).

When accelerating growth and investment in a business, it’s one thing to have 1-2 very strong sales reps … the real challenge lies in scaling that to 5 to 10 to 25 high performing individuals.

When communicating the details of deals in the pipeline, it is important to have a shared vocabulary and understanding of where a deal sits today and the likelihood of close.