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This is not a fixed pie game

Feel lonely at the top?

Many entrepreneurs want to prove they can do it on their own. We respect that this is a valiant endeavor, but if you had the opportunity to sit down at a Texas Hold’em poker table and get dealt a third card for every hand, what would you choose to do?

It can be lonely being the CEO of a founder-owned business. Most CEOs we partner with crave the opportunity to have other voices to bounce ideas off of - we thrive working with these types of open-minded execs.


Assume your competitors are sitting idle?

Technology is a fast-paced sector, which means competitive landscapes are constantly evolving. New companies emerge, players from other spaces expand into new verticals, and technology laggards find ways to revitalize themselves.

It will always feel like if you just wait 6 or 12 months longer, your valuation will increase, but what will you miss by waiting? Are you giving your competition time to catch-up by not investing more in your product or sales and marketing? Are other companies acquiring businesses that you should have?


Think the suits can’t possibly understand your growing pains?

As previous business operators, we’ve been in your shoes before and know how challenging running a business can be. Having a partner at the table who can understand and empathize with those challenges is critical. Growing a company in an excel spreadsheet is easy, executing against that plan as the CEO is a whole different ball game.

We bring the learnings from hundreds of companies we’ve interacted with and can recognize patterns to help you achieve your aspirations for your company and team.


Worried investors will change everything you’ve worked hard to build?

This is your company - whether we are majority or minority investors, we approach partnering the same. We are not here to tell you how to run your business day to day or deliver a playbook you must execute against. Instead, we focus on identifying areas of opportunity to improve and then partner with you and your teams to grow together.

We bring four core areas of experience to the table - GTM execution, Strategy, M&A, and Talent. We purposely chose to build a concentrated portfolio so that we could roll up our sleeves alongside our ecosystem of growth advisors and support our businesses across these initiatives.


Not sure how to acquire another company?

Acquisitions can be a powerful lever for growth. They present an opportunity to accelerate product expansion, add new customers, or expand into new markets.

Most management teams we partner with have not had experience acquiring other businesses. Our team can work hand-in-hand with you to identify the right prospects, create a win/win deal, execute diligence, and successfully integrate the companies.